Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

I’m back :-)

Peanut butter banana smoothie 4Life has been a little busy recently, as a teacher the end of term is always a bit crazy!  I have left my lovely current department who I’ve worked with for four years, as John and I are moving to Nottinghamshire and I start a new teaching job in September.  I have also been doing some extra work exam marking (which finished yesterday) and preparing to move house!  However, I’m now off work for the next 6 weeks (yay!) so will be able to dedicate more time to baking and blogging :-)

Today’s recipe is one I promised a while back and has been my breakfast of choice as the weather has heated up.  It’s a protein packed, delicious healthy smoothie and kept me properly full until it was time for lunch!  It is so straightforward, it’s almost embarrassing…milk (your choice), peanut butter, frozen banana and natural yoghurt.  Tip: don’t leave the skin on the banana when you freeze it 😉

This smoothie has no added sugar, as it gets all its sweetness from the ripe banana.  I had around 15 (no joke) very ripe bananas that I needed to keep in some way, I couldn’t put them all into my Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Banana Bread!

Peanut butter banana smoothie 3I enjoy this smoothie in my DisneyWorld travel mug that I got on honeymoon last year :-) 

I will be back later in the week with something a little less virtuous! 

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie
Serves 1
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  1. 250-300ml milk (of your choice)
  2. 1 tbsp natural peanut butter (no added sugar)
  3. 1 frozen (very ripe) banana
  4. 1 tbsp natural yoghurt (yoghurt with no sugar)
  1. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend together until smooth. Perfect for breakfast!
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  1. Welcome back, nice to see you! This smoothie is one of my favorites, it always leaves me feeling full.

  2. I love peanut butter and banana together. They were made for each other. This looks great!
    melissa @ my whole food life recently posted…Emerald Nuts ExposedMy Profile

    • Thank you so much Melissa! I love the combination of peanut butter and banana, the only thing that would improve it is adding chocolate :-)

  3. I am always looking for new healthy breakfasts that I can take to work with me, and this one couldn’t be more perfect. It looks – and, I’m sure, tastes – wonderful!
    Nora @ Buttercream Fanatic recently posted…White Chocolate Macadamia Nut BrowniesMy Profile

  4. Hey Peanut!
    A peanut smoothie! Whatever next? Sounds really good. I’m off to blend right now!

  5. Hi, this looks delicious! Was wondering if you know how long it would last? Could a few days worth be made up in advance?
    Thanks :)

    • Hi Zoe! To be honest I’m not sure as I’ve always made it fresh in the morning. I don’t see an issue with making a couple of days in advance and keeping in the fridge though. The banana may change colour slightly, but the acidity in the yoghurt may help stop that :-) Please let me know how you get on if you make it!

      • Hi, I made this and it was delicious, I made it on a Sunday evening and Tuesday Morning it was still fine, but it smelt a bit off by Wednesday so it can’t be made too far in advance. It did discolour slightly within about an hour of making, but this didn’t affect the flavour. Thanks for a delicious recipe :)

  6. I always make strawberry smoothies, very boring, this has given me so many more ideas – thanks x
    healthy smoothie recipes recently posted…Tropical Smoothie RecipeMy Profile

  7. This smoothie recipe is awesome! It seriously tastes like a peanut butter milk shake. It also makes great popsicles, I just tripled the recipe and scooped into molds. I can’t keep my husbands hands off them and I’m sure my 2yr old will love them too. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

    • I’m so glad you like it Renee! It is great that something that tastes so great is good for you :-) That’s a fab idea to turn them into popsicles, will be trying that! Thank you for the lovely comments :-)


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