Banana Bread with Peanut Butter & Nutella Swirl

Banana Bread with Peanut Butter & Nutella Swirl

August 20th, 2014

I must confess I am a little obsessed with banana bread.  Today's recipe especially! To see jRead More

Salted caramel peanut butter brownies 1

Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Brownies

Ok, so I'm a bad blogger.  I looked at my blog and saw the last time I posted was May 4th.  May, everyone.  Not good.  No excuses (ok there might be a few coming up!) but my world … Read More...

Dulce de Leche Brownies 1

Dulce de Leche Rolo Brownies

I may have a new obsession.  Move over peanut butter, dulce de leche is here. Who I am kidding? :-) There will always be peanut butter!  In fact, there is some peanut butter in my brownie … Read More...

Mini Victoria Sandwich 1

Mini Victoria Sandwiches with Clotted Cream and Homemade Strawberry Jam

Welcome to the new-look Baking-Joy! Let's celebrate with cake :-) I love my new website design which was done by the lovely Ana over at Peaches and Cream Design.  Thank you again Ana! … Read More...

Peanut butter caramel sandwich cookies 1 no WM

Peanut Butter and Caramel Sandwich Cookies

In my continuing love affair with peanut butter (and chocolate), I bring you Peanut Butter and Caramel Sandwich Cookies. *Love* I've had a very exciting few days (see further down the post for … Read More...

Lemon and blueberry muffins 1

Lemon, White Chocolate and Blueberry Muffins

Spring is finally here! :-) Whenever I think of baking and spring, I think of lemons.  Their colour, smell and taste are so spring-like, I love baking with them as the weather turns warmer! … Read More...